How it works

Step 1. Fill the application form

Our clients can sign up for Markt’s loyalty program for free by filling out and signing the application form in one of Markt’s locations or through online registration form

At the present time, Markt’s loyalty program cards are issued only in electronic form, however, clients can use the loyalty benefits by showing the loyalty card on their smartphone in one of our Markt locations. The employee will scan the card from your smartphone's screen directly. The loyalty program benefits will depend on the category of products purchased based on the level of loyalty the customer is entitled to which is defined by the client’s average amount of purchases (take a look at the graph below)

Step 2. Become a member within 24h of your application

fter filling out the application form or registering for the loyalty program on our website, within 24 hours, you will get a confirmation with the barcode and serial number of your Markt’s loyalty card. Every point is equivalent to 1 Macedonian denar. The terms and conditions of our loyalty program are provided within the application for the loyalty program but they can also be accessed via this линк.

Step 3. Show and earn cash

The points on your Markt loyalty card will be accumulated with every purchase in one of our locations. All you have to do is provide your loyalty card (on your smartphone) or the serial number of your loyalty card. Our employee will input the points you gained with the purchase on your loyalty program profile.

Loyalty Level Loyalty Requirements (average monthly spending) Markt Menu Items * Markt Fresh Products * All other categories **
Level 1 0 - 5000 MKD 5% 2% 1%
Level 2 5001 - 8000 MKD 10% 10% 2%
Level 3 8001 - 12000 MKD 15% 15% 5%
* Ажурирана листа со производи за соодветната категорија можете да побарате во било кој момент преку е-маил, на, или пак во нашите локали
** Категориите за кои важи попуст дефиниран со "All other categories" се наведени подоле
Fruits & veggies dairy, Breakfast and necessities Snacks Cooking groceries Everyday & lifestyle Fitnessfood Superfood & vitamins Sweet & healthy Teas, herbs, Oils & spices Nuts, seeds & grains Meat & salami alcohol Personal & cosmetics
*** Компанијата го задржува правото да дефинира одредени категории за кои не важи попустот (Excluded categories), подоле се наведени:
Bread Drinks

Step 4. Use the points collected

If you want to use your loyalty points, please let our employee know during one of your purchases that you would like to pay using your points. As a result, the points saldo on your loyalty card would decrease proportionally to the amount of the points used during the purchase. The points on your loyalty card can be accumulated for a duration of 24 months (from the beginning to the end of the year).

After 24 months, your unused points will be eliminated and you would not be able to use them. After this, new points can start accumulating.

По изминувањето на 24 месеци Вашите неискористени поени се бришат, односно не можат повеќе да се искористат, и почнува период кога се собираат одново.

Check your loyalty card balance.
By signing in with your username and password into , you will be able to check your loyalty card balance anytime. If you are not able to check your loyalty card balance on our website, you will be able to do it in one of our locations.

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